We also focus on providing welfare for our employees to have an abundant life.

1. Dormitories

welfare01 Our target is to helpe the employees who have difficulties commuting from their houses to work. The dormitories are situated near the main factory. All rooms are single rooms only.
Dormitory Name Capacity
Kabe dormitory
(for men’s use only)
35 persons
Chiyoda dormitory
(for men’s use only)
100 persons
Yachiyo dormitory
(for men’s use only)
54 persons
Gion dormitory
(for men’s use only)
29 persons
Yokogawa dormitory
(for women’s dormitory)
5 persons

2. Corporate Housing

welfare02 These houses are designed for employees with families. The corporate housing is also situated near the main factory.
Housing Name Floor Plan Accomodation
Kabe Corporate House 2DK+α 12 households
Gion Corporate House 2DK 8 households
Yokogawa Corporate House 1DK 4 households
Midorii Bell Chateau Corporate House 2K 2 households

3. Training Resort Facility

Mountain Villa
There are mountain retreat and training facilities that can be utilized as a place for trainings and relaxation for the employees and their families.
Midorii Training Institute
Tennis Court

4. Employees’ Canteen

welfare06 There are employee’s canteen in Kabe Factory, Shingo Factory, Ohguni Factory and within the Yachiyo Center. Employee can have a warm meal even in winter season and it is very popular.

5. Corporate Events

welfare07 welfare08
During the Sports Event
welfare09 Every autumn of each year, there is an athletic meeting with people from neighborhood also participate. There are several games for family participants and there are many families join together.
In addition, there are also softball tournaments and company tour once in every 2 years which help strengthen the relationship between employees and also help the organization have strong employee structure.
During the softball competition

6. Club Activity

welfare10 For the purpose of health promotion and deeper the friendship between employees, there are various sports clubs such as baseball clubs, tennis clubs. Members are all volunteer employees. The company also provides financial aid for these activities.
Active Clubs
・Baseball Division 4 Clubs
・Softball Division 1 Club
・Soccer Division 1 Club
・Lawn Tennis Division 1 Club
・Bowling Division 1 Club
・Basketball Division 1 Club

Welfare ProgrammeQ&A

Q. Can everyone apply for the dormitory?
A. Employees who must be a newly graduate in order to be qualified for the dormitory, also he/she must be less than 26 years old and must be single.
Q. What are the type of rooms in the dormitory?
A. All single rooms.
Q. How long can employee stay in the dormitory?
A. Maximum of 7 years live in the dormitory or until he/she reaches the age of 30.
Q. How much will it cost for employee to use the dormitory?
A. It varies from each dormitory but ranges from 5,000 JPY to 20,000 JPY.
Q. Can everyone apply for the corporate housing?
A. Employees who can stay at the corporate houses must be married (or has plan of getting married within 3 months), the length of the service is more than 3 years, or head office employees who are less than 45 years old upon moving into the corporate houses.
Q. How long can employee stay in the corporate houses?
A. Maximum of 7 years or when the employee reached the age of 50.
Q. How much will it cost for an employee to live in the corporate housing?
A. It varies on the type of houses but ranges from 15,000 JPY to 28,000 JPY.
Q. Can everyone use the welfare facilities?
A. The employees and their families can use the facilities. Once the accommodation is permitted, these facilities can also be utilize for communication purposes.
Q. Is it possible to make a new club?
A. It is possible to make a new club and will be recognized by the company as long as the club is composed of 10 people or more, it is empowered only for activities within the company, it aims to cultivate civilization and to promote healthy purpose.
Q. Can I join more than one club?
A. The maximum amounts of clubs one person can join is 2. More than 2 clubs is not allow. To further the interaction between each divisions of the company, please, feel free to join.