Development of Human Resources

Principles of Human Resource Development

“The company itself is its people”, “Manufacturing is a human resource development” are our basis for the recognition of capable people to work with because we are aiming to provide exceptional value to the world.

It is our firm belief that “Manufacturing Excellence” is achieved not only by manufacturing as a mere technique, but also by combining it with care for the equipment, facilities and machines; with a spirit that is thoroughly passionate about quality; with pride in our jobs; with enthusiasm that does not grudge in the face of difficult challenges; with good faith that commits to sincerity towards people and work; with ingenuity to invent and innovate; amongst other great qualities.

The underlying philosophy of our human resource development is the “Creation of personnel and an organization that can achieve manufacturing excellence”

Human Resources Vision

  1. People that with an understanding of our “business creed and vision”, that can work independently in order to achieve the objectives.
  2. People that can undertake their work to fulfillment with enthusiasm, having goals in life and a sincere heart.
  3. Person who can always think by himself/herself and who can take actions.
  4. People who are aware of the problems and issues of their environment and can in turn propose improvements.
  5. Person who always think that work is own responsibility and not others’.
  6. Person who establishes a natural higher goals, has initiative to handle even difficult tasks independently and aggressively, has strong desire for self-realization.
  7. People who are proud of their own individuality and at the same time can respect other people’s individuality being able to work together in harmony.

Action Guidelines

  1. For excellent manufacturing purposes, to determine the following action guidelines as a basis for the natural course of the actions.
  2. Always stand on customer’s perspective because our main priority is their satisfaction.
  3. One step ahead of the technology to resolve the challenges brought about by the advance technology.
  4. Environment, harmony with the society, importance of the social mission of the company.
  5. Create a corporate culture that values technology skills of manufacturing and set it as a tradition.

Main Trainings/Education

Technical Skills Training
Long-term skills class ・Mold skills class
・Machining skills class
・Maintenance skills class
・Die-cast class
Short-term skills class ・Mold welding skills class
・Mold finishing class
・Sequence control class
・Sequencer class
・Machining center class
・Robot program class
・Voluntary conservation class
・Elevate the power of improvement class
Stratified Training
・Regular trainings for new employees
・Mid-career recruitment employee training
・Senior staff training
・Managers training
・Amoeba middle management training
・Human skills training
・Presentation skills training
・Negotiation skills training
・Coaching skills training
・Problem-solving leaders training
・Logical thinking training
・Power-up training