1921 Apr. Tashima Kurazo Shoten founded in Yokogawa-cho, Hiroshima City
1928 Misasa Keigin Chuko-sho(die casting foundry)established
1942 Apr. Amalgamation of 34 foundries in the west part of Japan, named ‘Towa light Metals Kogyo Co., Ltd.’
1945 Aug. Factory destroyed by the atomic bomb
1947 Jan. ‘Hiroshima Aluminum Kogyo Company’ founded
1953 Jan. Formal incorporation of company under the name of ‘Hiroshima Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.’
1961 Aug. Gion Plant opened
1968 Jun. Nagatsuka Plant opened
1968 Nov. Kabe Plant opened
1974 Aug. Ohguni Plant opened
1980 May Asa Plant opened
1984 Jan. MAZDA gives special award honoring 20 consecutive years of on-time delivery, and for product quality and price
1990 Jun. Chiyoda Plant opened
1990 Oct. Shingo Plant opened
1993 Oct. Received Superior Plant Maintenance Award from Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance
1994 May Hiroshima Aluminum Industry was selected as a Superior Quality Company by MAZDA
1994 Nov. Chiyoda Plant received Superior Environment Plant award from Materials Processing Technology Center
1996 Aug. Unit Operation System (Amoeba Management System) started
1997 Jan. awarded prize for 22 years of continuous superior achievements in MAZDA VA/VE suggestion system
1997 Sep. Obtained IS09001 certification
1999 Nov. Award given from Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance for continuous superior plant maintenance
2001 Dec. Obtained IS014001 certification
2002 Dec. HAL Vietnam Co., Ltd established
2003 Dec. Hiroshima Aluminum Industry Production System started
2005 Dec. Yae Plant opened
2006 Mar. Increased capital to ¥350,000,000
2007 Mar. Yachiyo Technology Center opened
2008 Dec. Engine Bench Facility opened
2010 Jun. HAL Aluminum Mexico S.A. de C.V. established
2011 Jul. Hiroshima Aluminum Industry (Nantong) Co., Ltd established
2013 Apr. HAL Aluminum (Thailand) Co., Ltd established
2013 Jul. Asa plant obtained the encouragement award as occupational safety and health activities excellent workplace from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
2015 Jan. Merged with Dairiki Tekkousho Co., Ltd and established the shiraki
manufacture department
2016 Jun. Honji Diecasting Plant
2017 Dec. Certified as ″The Driving Company for the regional future″by Minister of Economy