Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

As a responsible member of society, we actively contribute to safeguarding human health and protecting the earth’s environment through our business practices.

Behavioral Guidelines

  1. Our endeavor is to reduce the burden on the environment, therefore we strive to recycle and to make effective use of natural resources and energy.
  2. We strive to minimize the waste that is generated from the daily production and to prevent pollution.
  3. We strictly comply to all laws, regulations and agreements concerning the environment.
  4. We continuously improve the environment conservation activities though the establishment of an Environment Management System and a proactive environment management activity.
  5. We strive to improve the awareness on global environmental issues therefore we make this environmental policy fully known internally, and carry on environmental trainings and environment promotion activities.
  6. As part of the execution of this environmental policy we set objectives and targets that are reviewed every year.
  7. We publicly disclose this environmental policy aiming to form a working bond with the local communities we are part of.

published in April of 2001.