Corporate Ethics (5 Core Values)

  1. To abide by the customary laws, corporate rules, regulations and practices of the international communities.
  2. To practice fairness and justice.
  3. To execute the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).
  4. To fullfil faithfully one’s responsiblities.
  5. To practice integrity.

Corporate Ethics Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct (8 Core Values)

  1. To observe all applicable government laws and ordinances, as well as company regulations. Furthermore, whenever there is no specific rule we reflect upon the gist of the existing laws and regulations in order to make a decision.
  2. To treat all employees, customers and business partners fairly. We will never allow the use of one’s position to gain unfair profit or benefit.
  3. Drawing a line between public and private matters, never embezzling or misusing company assets.
  4. To observe confidentiality.
    Never infringing the company’s and third parties’ intellectual property.
  5. Our endless pursuit is people’s safety and the production of environment-friendly products.
  6. To always act in order to pursue a healthy profit.
  7. To respect the human rights and human dignity.
  8. To report truthfully and timely both internally and externally.